Client: Ermanno Scervino
Collection: Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Photographer: Francesco Carrozzini

Model: Dree Hemingway (the great-granddaughter of the very famous writer and journalist Ernest)

Hemingway is portrayed wrapped in a luxurious evening dress in futuristic stables as if she were a sensual and hugely elegant horsewoman or like a contemporary rider, complete with safety helmet: proud, decisive and feminine – a perfect representation of the Scervino woman.

The campaign revolves around the encounter between luxury and unconventionality, an ambivalence that Scervino connects to the idea of the horse. “I’ve always been attracted,” explains Ermanno Scervino, “by the ambivalent role of the horse: it’s noble and full of sensuality and inner strength, like my concept of elegance.”

Location: New York