Whether you’re an aspiring airstronaut or not, you should see this. Surfing has come a long way from its origins of riding canoes in to shore after fishing at sea or standing tall on a plank of hand hewn koa, or kook boxes or hot curls, or Dale Velzy or Greg Noll or Nat Young or MP or Shaun, MR and Rabbit. We’ve covered huge ground since Simon Anderson unlocked the secret of three-fin positioning and showed us how to really, truly lean and turn. We’ve had Kelly arrive to show us the future, then stick around so long that multiple futures came and went. But this lot – John John Florence, Chippa Wilson, Matt Meola and the whole generation of which they represent the leading edge – these guys now have acrobatics above the wave so wired, so down, so smooth and so much part of the flow of performance that it makes you wonder: where in the name of Icarus can it go from here?
So this series from Kustom Airstrike is worth a moment of your time. Here’s Episode 4, a random choice. The music’s mellow and the moves are slowed. See how good humans have become at the ancient, simple distraction of playing in waves. Watch, and see humans soar.

via: surfers path