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Bienvenue a Belle Vague

 Our philosophy is; love nature, enjoy the beautiful life by the sea and the

essence of endless summer. Belle Vague is a Hossegor based fragrance house founded in 2015 by Karin Aurora Henriksson, who lives in Hossegor since 13 years back with her family. After a busy work life in Stockholm and London, with successful background/ career in TV, film-making computer games, Karin wanted to try something new.

Her passion for surfing took her to Hossegor, it was instant love with the Atlantic ocean and the south west coast. With the love of the ocean and her passion for surfing; Belle Vague scented candles was a natural step to further share and enjoy the sea and love of nature. Karin wanted to create long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly products with the spirit of the ocean.

Belle Vague isinspired by the ocean and the beach life in Hossegor; wind in our hair and sand under our feet. We make hand poured candles that are beautiful as well as environmentally friendly. The candles are made of 100% pure soybean wax. The natural fragrance gives the candles a sense of luxury. They arrive in a glass jar and a locally produced hand-printed wooden box you can re-use.

Light them; breathe deep and enjoy the calmness you will feel.