A group of three surfers created this green art project with the entire message to keep the ocean clean. Artists João Parrinha, Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder have joined forces to create Skeleton Sea. All three are ambitious surfers, and all three have also established several art projects to date. They work in an effort to communicate their visions of the meeting point between Mother Nature, Sport and Art. Their creations have made a successful contribution to raising environmental awareness from the perspective of those that rely on nature to feed their passion for sport. You can follow their ongoing project with Volvo Ocean Race here

Tre surfare skapade detta sk gröna project med ett tydligt budskap håll stränderna rena konstnärerna João Parrinha, Luis de Dios och Xandi Kreuzeder är kärnan av Skeleton Sea. Dom vill kombinera sport och kultur med en miljövänlig aspekt och skapa ett medvetande kring naturen vi lever i. Just nu är de högaktuella i och med samarbetet med Volvo Ocean Race och deras "keep the oceans clean project" du hittar infon här