Jonas Terning a journalist and also an avid surfer. He has been traveling around the globe writhing about surf for several years,  yeah you know a cool dude that love surfing and writing. I meet him for the first time a couple of years ago here in Hossegor, when he was down writing a reportage for the Swedish xtrem sport magazine Transition.
So last year he told me that he had this really interesting project going on, he was writing a surf novel. I remember I was thinking Wow, thats cool havent heard about something like this before. 

So here it is the novel Lineup - The first Swedish surf novel about waves,  love and life (so far only in Swedish but who knows).

The plot is about a guy Jonathan leaving Sweden and broken promises to go surfing in Australia, ending up in Manly (Jonas lived there for a while, knows the place pretty well) While there he falls in love in the ocean and a girl...but things doesent goes is way and he ends up selling drugs..

- Release date is May 1 - 

Well now I know what I will read this summer!!