When it comes to sending good vibes, having a huge smile and being this really cool all the time talented surfer girl, sing-song writer Tee Wassel is one of them. She been playing on "the it" bars and restaurants around the area here in SW France. If you haven't heard her singing, you probably haven't been out the last couple of years. I recently had the pleasure to ask away some Q & A to this Mermaid about life, where she find her inspiration and what keeps her so ZEN.  

So where do you find your inspiration?
My Inspiration: Often comes from my emotional affairs: as far as my song writing goes....I guess once you get your heart broken once, you can tap into another level of emotion/pain....sounds sad...but I’m melancholic after a break up....makes for great songs!! lol.....also my Spirituality inspires me, as does the nature....which is why I love to live close to the ocean!

Most proud of?
Im most proud of my daughter Nayeli Boo. She's the strongest driving force in my life and blows me away when I look at her. Nature is amazing; when I think that this little life was created in my tummy, my heart skips a beat!♥

What is a typical day for you?
Typical day doesn't really exist for me.....always different. Apart from school day routine...so drop Boo to school...then sport: running/surfing/walk on the beach.....then some guitar and lots of research into songs/new artists on the NET.....since living in the SW of France APERO has become part of my day too!!! hahahaha....whenever possible I love to finish the day with a sunset! Sometimes Boo and I go in Pjs; just to enjoy the magic of it, or we sit in our back yard with covers around us to enjoy the marvellous colours in the evening’s sky......

Best tip anyone gave you for keep going with what you do?
My Mom always reminds me to "stay positive"......and a tip for when I sing is to not be worried when I get nervous before a gig.....nerves are healthy and that can actually boost your performance!

When need of energy what’s you favourite food?
Energy food for me is fruit and raw veg....and I’m really into grains at the mo. (another tip; is to cut out bread: and when I do that, I feel heaps healthier!!!)*
Place you would love to go surfing
I really hope that one day I can go and experience Hawaii! For the surf (I know there's some fab longboard spots there) and the Aloha spirit!.....

Favourite surf outfit?
Favourite surf outfit is one of my many bikinis....I HATE surfing in wetsuits!!!....however I have seen some sexy little SHORTY suits around, so Ill probably get one of those for the crossover season....but defo BIKINI surfing for me....just feel so light and FREE!

Favourite Surf spot?
Favourite surf spot...WATEGOES Byron Bay, Australia.....surfed with Dolphins everyday!!

Dream vacation?
Dream vacation would be to go see Tahiti and the Polynesian Islands with ALL of my family! There's nothing like travelling with ALL of your family, my big sis got married in South Africa, so we all went there together; just magic and so much fun. So yes, I wish I could whisk my Whole family off to visit the beautiful TAHITI........PS I LOVE the food over there: that's another reason!

Which artist influenced you most?
The artist that influences me most is Sheryl Crow......have a listen, and you'll see why!

Give us one of these quotes you live by?
Quotes that stick with me are: *You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And one from school that I love is: *Treat others as you would like them to treat you!

Tee have several projects going on but the best way to keep up with her is on her Myspace. Or if there is a cooking longboard swell heading to SW France you will probably find her there.