Im so sorry, lately I havent blogged that much. Seriously the last couple of days have been hectic,wonderful and just absolute amazing. I decided to head to the beautiful West Coast of Sweden and hang out with my boo and three wonder kids.
Hossegor is fantastic but I need some change. You see Sweden in the summer is just fantastic, where I am the fjord is just around the corner, summer evening sun and Babooza BBQ. Here is for sure as close to nature as you can get and I love fit!
I m staying here for a couple of weeks charge my batteries, will try to find my inner Zen and most of all, get in shape. You know after three kids the kilos have just been sneaking up on me, not much but enouogh to reccon my surfing. I also planning and schedule my new project that I think will be great;D But you will have to wait cant say anything yet but I assure you it contains surf, beaches and sun...
I now have internet connection so I will be blogging as before

And for all of you that still have vaccation enjoy, I definitely will;D

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