Daniel Månsson is a very talented surf photographer with a great spirit and huge carisma.
 I love the projects that Daniel have done especially the books they are absolute fantastic. 
I meet Daniel for the first time a couple of years ago when he did a photo shoot where I was suppose to surf in. I remember a day, a moment  when I was hesitating, the swell felt to big, to steep just  way to frightening.
 He said with a deep voie; Karin, if you want some good surf photos, you have to take a deep breath, relax and get out there, go for it! Well I got out had a huge wipeout, but it didnt matter I felt happy and comfortable, relaxed and connected  to the environment, we got the pics in the end and Im sure that  this certain moment was part of the journey.  When I surf I often think about this. 
This film is a dreamy absolute fantastic portrait about this guy, enjoy and get inspired!