Carin Brink freelance copywriter and travel journalist is one of those ripping girls… Who just right NOW, happens to be in Barbados, surfing and helping her husband with his superb surf camp Friends of Aloha.  
I had the pleasure to ask away some Q & A to this inspiring soul and ocean nymph before she left…read, enjoy and get inspired!!

What is a typical day for you? 
When I’m on a trip, I travel a lot, the tide runs my life. I love morning surf; being the first surfer in the water, enjoying the peace and quiet before the world wakes up. And breakfast tastes so good after morning surf! Second best is an evening session when the golden sun sinks into the ocean. During my trips I often write for travel magazines. I do research about all kinds of fun stuff and the articles give me an excuse to talk to locals. I also help out with my husband’s surf camp, Friends of Aloha. 

A typical day at home? 
I often use a café as my office since it’s easier to write and find inspiration with people, music and other noises around me. Most days include a nice long run through the woods. Running is meditation: I get inspiration and it solves problem. To find energy what’s you favourite activity? Surfing, no doubt! There is no better way to relax and get in touch with your inner self. I can be grumpy and tired but after a few minutes in the waves, all the negative thoughts are gone and I feel incredible happy. I always feel so thankful for the opportunity to experience the ocean and sharing waves with friends. But if it’s a perfect wave, they’d better keep out 

How do you describe your spirit of Aloha? 
Surfing is something everyone should experience. I encourage people to try surfing and I am happy to help if someone wants a few hints. But the spirit of Aloha is about more than surfing. Have you noticed that even the grumpiest person starts to smile if you are super nice? To me, it is a competition. If someone is crabby, I try really hard to make them smile. Often it works = I win! 

What are you most thankful for this year? 
My awesome family and all our wonderful trips. I am really fortunate to be able to travel so much. I have spent almost two months in the southwest of France, and I will be in Barbados part of the winter. The ski trips to the Swedish mountains have been great too. It is sweet to get paid to write about amazing places like ski and surf destinations. 

Traveling and surfing what do you not leave home without? 
My Pearson Arrow longboard, my Calavera surf bikini and shades. And a stack of books – I love to read. 

Your favourite surf spot? 
There’s no way I can pick one. Here are three favorites: 
● Medewi, Bali (the best left I ever surfed) 
● Broken Head, Australia (looooong rides) 
● Mullins, Barbados (really nice A-frame, steep take-off) 

Is there a quote you live by? 
Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. I use it for travel and fun, boring stuff can wait. Seriously, you never know what will happen tomorrow. I try to live life now because, frankly, you never know what will happen. Some of my friends have put life on hold. They work and have high salaries but also great expenses. They are stuck! Life is about making the most out of every single day. 

Thank you Carin that you took time to share with us! Wish I could join you...maybe next year. 
For more info about Friends of Aloha visit them here.