Be on right place in the right moment. I so wish I could be in London tomorrow seeing this one night only exhibition at Doomed Gallery. Here Eleanor Hardwick from Rookie Mag have teamed up with with Matt Martin of B RAD Gallery and Magazine.

The exhibition explores the work of 40 young international female photographers (including Hardwick) whose work celebrates youth, growing up, rebellion, freedom, sexuality and femininity.

“I felt as a teenager that not only are real teenage girls unrepresented in (particularly fashion) photography but the documentation of it through a real young girl’s eyes (rather than the viewpoint of a male adult – which is still dominant in the industry) was also uncommon. Which is why I have found such sanctuary in magazines like Rookie and Lula, and the movement of young, often female artists, that are emerging thanks to the democracy of the internet...

 I want people to get up close to it, to touch it, and to understand what it is like to be young in 2013 by getting so intimate with this work. In a world where everything that my generation has ever created has been instantly uploaded to the internet, becoming immortalised and viewable by millions across the globe, I want this exhibition to rekindle the magic of tangibility and ephemerality… and after one night, it will be gone, much like the fleetingness of youth.”

12th December 2013 at 6-9pm at Doomed Gallery in Dalston, London.