A well known fact; I love surf and of course to have a delicious and great looking bikini hanging around on the beach is kind of essential. So I asked away a couple of questions to this supermom, über cool mermaid and avid surfer Julia Hoffmann former Diehl. That lives in Hossegor and who is behind this gorgeous hand crafted bikini line Julia Diehl Beach Couture; about how it all started and where she finds her inspiration.

How did you get into surfing, making bikinis how did it all start? 
 The surfing came into my life very early. In the 70s my parents came here to Hossegor and France in summer to windsurf. That’s how i met my “ocean teacher” Dominique Sanchis (He is the dad of Benjamin Sanchis a famous big wave surfer).
Dominique and his wife had a beach club for kids at Les Estagnots in Seignosse and I actually lived there. So “Mr. Muscle” as we called him showed me how not to be scared in the ocean and that was the start of my surf passion. The fashion was also always there since I was small. My mum is a designer and she has been a huge inspiration. Before I started my own brand Julia Diehl Beach Couture I was working for other companies one of them was Billabong, It was a fun and inspiring time but then I came to a point in life where I wanted to build up my own brand and the choice was easy what do you need most for surfing? A board and of course a hot bikini…..

- When putting together your line of bikinis where do you find your inspiration? 
 I would say everywhere in music, movies, traveling…. It's like being Alice in Wonderland and bikinis are a great product for fun themes. A bikini is worn when it's hot summer days at the beach so the atmosphere is relaxed and happy and we girls are in the mood to dress a little more crazy than usual.
To wear "Julia Diehl" bikini you need to be a bit courageous because my styles are real eye catchers and they are very sexy! I always say ”At the beach everything is allowed!"

- Is there any favorite pieces in your collection? 
 I really like every piece. Each style fits to a special kind of women. The bikinis are very different some are more hippie style some have a very luxury design. Depending how you feel in the morning you can go for the right bikini.

- If you can choose a favourite place to go surfing where go to?
The Maldives are beautiful and Hawaii too. But in the end I love taking my board and walk to my home spot to surf here with friends.

 What is a typical day to you?
Almost everyday the kids sneak in our bed very early to wake us up…then getting ready having pancakes and fruits or a Smoothie. When the kids are of to school, me and my husband go surfing for an hour. After that the working day can start. We often go to the beach in the evening with the kids and friends to have a picknick and some sunset surf. Happy day!

- Essential in your bag, what do you not leave home without?
My coconut body and hair cream, some money, phone and water.

- Where do you find your energy?
My family and surfing gives me so much power and happiness. I never thought that having kids is so wonderful. So much pure love!

- What are you most proud of?
I made it happen to live the dream by the ocean,with my family.

-Do you have a favourite quote you live by?
Enjoy the moment

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