Photo: Karin Aurora Henriksson

Yes today has been a weird day. A couple of weeks ago I got told that I might not be able to surf for quite a long time. I got it x-rayed and had an ultrasound saying, that I had this severe inflammation in my shoulder, because of...surfing. 
I had this for so long time so its no news for me and of course that's been the reason I haven't gone to see a doctor. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. So realize how surprised I got when my amazing physiotherapists said it was from sitting in front of the computer having the wrong position...etc??
I straight away got my board ready, had a really crap first surf session though. But the later on this evening I saw the wind drop and got out a second time. Had some unexpected really nice waves here in Hossegor and an absolute beautiful sunset...Sometimes life just take these unexpected turns...pure joy<3